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CW: Police Violence

“They grabbed what they could get for the sake of being got.” — Joseph Conrad

The Greater Des Moines area is a metro, like every city in America, marked by conspicuous class demarcations. Be it Boston or Fargo or Portland, the managers of capital establish and organize districts based on the social hierarchies we are forced to adhere to: the “good” neighborhoods, the white suburbs, exurbs, and revitalized urban enclaves, adjacent, yet disjoined from the “bad” BIPOC communities that provide any city's spine of labor. …

Let’s look backwards.

La Petite Mort — Disco

Emo is currently undergoing a mass polarization. There’s several active, abrasive skramz scenes and, unfortunately, many more goober fratmo clubs.

Is it so wrong to want a band that can find harmony in erratic hardcore and pugnacity in flamboyant art rock? Is it so sinful to want conference between beauty and mosh? I don’t think so, and neither does La Petite Mort.

Following a thematic explored by past and contemporary legends Orchid and Shizune, DISCO indulges itself with dithyrambic reverie. The band describes the album as “a party you half-accidentally stumble…

Heretofore to the Floor

Nominally, I’m an indie rock guy. I look the part. I play in the local bands. It’s the most accessible, albeit still tiny, non-wedding music scene in my hometown of Des Moines. I’m also big into electronic music and edm, but in Iowa, that interest becomes more of an eclecticism. Not a lot of gritty warehouse shows going down here in the soybean hinterlands of North America.

When I’m not listening to Cease Upon the Capitol, I often find myself spelunking in Soundcloud’s constrained, circuitous algorithms. Within the last few months, a number of Irish producers…

A few days ago, Elaine Godfrey of The Atlantic wrote a nice little piece on a pressing internal DSA conflict.

To elaborate more lucidly here, Godfrey wrote a piece detailing the projects of various Iowa DSA chapters and also included some less-than-guileful commentary from Berniecrats that vaguely share our goals. There are a few enclaves in DSA that are not fans of “Iowa DSA’s” praxis. Also, related, Iowa DSA is one single 310 mile long chapter. Pretty cool factoid right there.

Godfrey, somewhat accurately, simplifies the dissonance: “ One theory of growth is through a concerted effort around electoral…

I’m sorry Melanie D. G. Kaplan, but your list is wrong. Disgustingly wrong. It’s not your fault though. I’m sure you consulted with someone who is not fun and also probably a landlord.

So, I just did a cursory google search and I found out that the average individual income in Des Moines is $23,989. Wow! That’s horrible,,,,,,,,and it also likely invalidates any of these suggestions. As a person who isn’t a financier, I think I can offer some alternatives that aren’t totally wack.

Farmer’s Market?

In Baudrillard’s Simulacra and Simulation, the philosopher describes the world of the forthcoming 21st century as a realm where consumerism itself becomes reality: “These billboards, in fact, observe and surveil you as well, or as badly, as the ‘policing’ television. The latter looks at you, you look at yourself in it, mixed with the others, it is the mirror without silvering in the activity of consumption, a game of splitting in two and doubling that closes this world on itself” (108).

It’s strange to think that no other subgenre better demonstrates the fulfillment of his prediction better than contemporary emo…

J.J. Abrams made another movie. And yes, it’s blockbuster pageantry. He truly is the undisputed champion of supposedly watchable action cinema, Michael Bay’s antithesis I guess. Overlord, his newest production, falls in line with the Bad Robot portfolio, spectacle with just enough substance to warrant any scrutiny.

Overlord is a couple things, but mostly it is a confirmation of Fredric Jameson’s postmodern foresight. We live in an epoch of inescapable throwback pastiche, and while most reboot projects wink (or twitch uncontrollably) at fans, Abrams’s newest enterprise bludgeons the audience with a furious slew of algorithmically-generated tropes, an act of revivalist…

Since Trump finagled his way into the White House, the threat of “authoritarianism” has become an unremitting anxiety of the skittish pundit class. On MSNBC newscasts, in Washington Post editorials, norms fetishists declare, “Oh no! This pompous, gaudy vulgarian has taken office and is now instituting horrible, unprecedentedly dictatorial policies…that also just so happen to be totally aligned with the long term goals of the gop, and in many cases, the dems .”

Despite being an obvious continuation of the American bourgeoisie’s political project, Donald Trump is also an anomalous tyrant bent on eradicating all that is decent and rightful…

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